CleanCert+ Biofilm Cleaner

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 CleanCert+ biofilm cleaner is a revolutionary one-stage waterline cleaner that is independently proven to be BETTER, EASIER andSAFER whilst SAVING YOU money.  £41.00 per 5L






  • Simple cleaning procedure that frees up nurses’ time. Use once a week for 5 minutes – use Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water between treatments
  • Independent testing on biofilm elimination proves superior efficacy


  • No strange tasting water. Your patients will taste purified water (RO or distilled) without the unpleasant aftertaste of ‘continuous use’ products.



  • NO expensive ‘starter kits’ or corrosive ‘shock treatments’ needed at any stage. Save staff time, storage space and money.
  • Once p/week: CleanCert+ only requires users to perform one process per week (for 5 minutes) as a ‘shock treatment’. A ‘continuous use’ process is available if required, for areas that use mains water (eg Scotland).
  • Ready to use: pour straight from the bottle, no dilution required– reduces the chance of user error from incorrect mixing ratios.
  • Space saving: a 5L bottle of CleanCert+ is all you need for 6 months (for 1 chair). No need to find extra storage for all the equipment and extra bottles required with other biofilm cleaners



  • No special handling procedures (MSDS) – no goggles or gloves required. Why expose yourself and staff to unnecessary burn risks? 
  • No danger of staff or patient harm through accidental skin contact or ingestion of corrosive chemicals used in ‘shock treatments’ required by other brands.
  • Active ingredient is a naturally occurring biocide that is produced in human white blood cells (Hypochlorous), thus mimicing nature’s own disinfectant process.


Great Value!

At just £41 for a 5L bottle (6 month supply) , this works out at £82 pa, making it the best value branded waterline cleaner on the market- and with no need to buy a ‘starter kit’ or ‘shock treatments’ (which can cost £100s pa) you will immediately see significant savings of your time and money. Another reason why the largest dental group in the world uses CleanCert+ across their entire estate.

  • CleanCert+ is available in a 5L bottle (25 weekly doses) – 6 month supply for 1 chair.
  • BS EN 1040, 1276, 1650, 1656, 13624, 13697, 13704, 13727, 14204, 14348, 14463, 14476, 14561, 14562. For full details of these standards, please see FAQ page.
  • Article 95 (BPR) compliant supplier. ISO9001 2015 manufacturer.

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